God, is this it?

I Hate my Job   (30)

Everyday, I get up, get dressed and go to work. Well, Monday through Fridays. I have been at my current job for almost 3 years now. I think being a contractor had me spoiled. My brother has worked for his company for 22 years, I think is his number. Twenty-two years! By year 2.5, I’m usually having anxiety. I am having anxiety now. I need to move to another office and work or something. I need to see something different. I keep asking God, “Lord is this it? Please don’t let this be it.”

I suffer from Wanderlust.

I found a perfect job in Los Angeles. I am dying to move to California. Simultaneously, I want to stay in Boston, too. My homeboy said, “…you can do this job and you need to. Go for it. I’ll meet you out there in about 6-months.” I didn’t apply. Maybe I should see if the requisition is still available. Have a reached the point of being scared to start over? I really want to start over… I think.

As a black girl from the city, working in Financial Services will break you down.

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