Part 11 of 11

I had been crushing on you for a while now. Well, maybe not. I’m too old to have a “crush”. We’ll just say I watched you from a distance. Something about you screamed asshole, but something else conveyed intelligence. Intelligence is the trump card of life. And then…

I caught you looking.

I was introducing you to the city. We dined with friends. You made new friends. Comfortable you could venture on your own, I left your side. At the other end of the bar, an unfamiliar co-worker was keeping my attention. But he was not the one. Jealousy was in your eyes. You smirked. I winked.

You really couldn’t handle this.
I was sure. The smile fools them every time.

I confess, I wondered what you were like.
Wondered if you were worth one time.
Yet and still, I paid you no mind.
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