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He wants me because he knows I don’t need him.

Letter to his girlfriend,

Whassup Ma, how you? I know you must have a lot of questions for me. And though I’m an asshole, I’m going to try to answer some- truthfully. Your man, yes he knows me. He’s someone I used to know. When he went from lovely to a liability, he had to go. But before that took place? Well, a lot took place. Nights at my place, mornings over his face. Okay, maybe that was a little over the top. If this becomes to much to read, I implore you to stop.

I met him at a cool little diner. Sweats and a tee, he was feeling me. I noticed three phones. He said he lived alone. Older. Two houses. No kids. No girl. Thought he’d be grown. I paid my tab and told him not to let my number collect dust. And that’s how it started– this thing between us. I can’t front, he tried to knock me. Got restless when he found it wasn’t easy to top me. Me, however I had other plans. He’d soon become my boo– I wasn’t really planning on making him my man.

See, I knew from the gate he was lying to me. Its the ones that act too cool that have property in the hills, including a family. So I gave him a chance to come clean. I patiently read between the lines- wanting him to fill the space inbetween. And when he didn’t I was straight up disgusted. Primary reason why men are not to be trusted.

“Can I ask you a question?” I said as I got dressed for a night with my girls.
“Go ahead…” I’m sure he wasn’t ready for me to shake his world.


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