sweat it out. (a mini’sode)

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(Part 16 of 16)

Next to him, its hard to sleep. I feel it get hard when its next to me. Sweet smells. Deep breaths. We lay still wondering who’ll move first. I don’t. You don’t. But we both want to. I press against you. I want you to.

My hands cover your skin. Slowly, hungrily, I take you in. Under the lights, I can see ur body paint glowing. Under your body, between my theighs, I can feel what can only be described as art- growing. My faces, they’re showing. I’m so into you as you enter and re-enter me. I can’t believe we’re here. Over there, under there, on top of there… can you take me there? Take me there. Meet me there. Anywhere- as long as you’re there.

As you’re back there, my mind wanders everywhere. I grip the pillows, arch down, ass up. “Yessssss”, getting it like this, switching positions so swift- I’d have to be a fool to pass up.

Times up.

Legs trembling, no way I can get up. The way I like it. I mask my smile-trying to hide it. I like it when I ride it but its better when he drives it. And now? I glow. Pulsing my walls, pushing him out, letting go.

Leaving…? No.

“Mmmm baby…”

Round two? Lets go.


4 thoughts on “sweat it out. (a mini’sode)

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