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Part 12 of 12.

I was jamming. The dim lights, candles lit, band warming up, I was in my zone. Out table was covered with food, drinks and smart phones. Arms in the air, I rocked to Mona Lisa, picturing the video in my head. This used to be my song– Damn, I’m getting old.

“Oh my god these dudes are so fucking ugly…”

We laughed as we tried to look discreetly. They were a little hard on the eyes. We laughed. Then a body moved. A body moved that created a beeline to him. It’d be so long since we’d seen each other. The occasional MySpace message, text message, random phone call– No, this was different. He was here.

As I snapped back to reality, I said, “Oh shit look…” My girls had to see what pictures and words could not personify. “That’s him…” He was dope. Yes, just dope because any other adjective just misses the mark.

“I’m going over there.”
“Wait, who’s the girl—?”
“Who cares”

I replied, already on my way. Her smile stopped when I interrupted with my hello. His face was shocked to see me, his voice slightly slurred, but his smile greeted me warmly. We hugged. We walked towards my friends. We made small talk. It was noisy. I felt eyes and not just ones from my own gal crew evesdropping. So I cut it short with a “We should do lunch sometime”. Ha. Well, we should.

He invited himself to our table and asked could he hang his jacket on the empty seat. Sure! Afterall, they wanted to see him take it off. I wanted him to take it off for them. He was about ten years my senior with a baby face. Once upon a time he was into me. We hung out. Then we hung it up. Oh and yes the body. I slapped my girl’s theigh as the coat came off. Smirked across the table so my other friend would pay attention. He was so tipsy and into this jacket that he didn’t see our faces, our eyes undressing him. Yes that body, it was perfect. Meow.

“Girl…” I started as he walked away.
“Pictures do him no justice. He looks good. What’s wrong with you? Why didn’t you snatch him?”
I smiled and just watched him. “Shiiiiiiiiit, I just wanna hit it.”
Laughter erupted and we slapped fives, “Okay!”
“I mean for real, just test drive it, then leave it alone—”
“Nope because if it’s bomb you’re gonna wanna drive it off the lot.”
“Maybe… maybe not. For now though, I’ll leave the money on the nightstand.” We giggled.

Five drinks and some music later the night was winding down. This one brown skin shorty had been face-fighting me ever since I’d spoken to the man that I used to know. Oh face-fighting after she made a smart remark. I smiled though. One, she was older. Two, I was cute tonight and so were my girls. Three, she really didn’t want this. And four, she looked desperate.

See older men usually go for a younger female to an extent. We too must work hard. However, to a good looking brotha (and he was) older women tend to fawn and flirt too directly. One word: desperate. I’d walked past him a few times just sociailizing that night. A few females fought for his attention, but the brown one, oh she was persistant. It was pointed out to me. As I watched him sit on the arm of a couch sipping from a short glass, I noticed her actions: where she stood- almost between his legs. She even did the laugh, tap on the shoulder thing… ameteur. So I opted for a random text:

I see the ladies are loving you. Your friend’s been face fighting me all night. She’s lucky I’m cool tonight and about to leave. If not, I’d brush up on you. She wouldn’t be ready for that… you either.

I adjusted my scarf and put on my hat. Did one last look at him and he was blushing. He smiled. I smiled. I raised my brow at the woman. She caught it. I smiled at her too. See older women tend to care too much and young girls, well, we just don’t care at all. No ring, no rights. But she could have him tonight.

From across the room I could see him re-read his text message. Looking at his phone, he blushed again and shook his head. We waved goodbye.

Yeah… he definitely wouldn’t be ready for that either.



9 thoughts on “desperate.

    when females get insecure and know you’re a THREAT, thats exactly what they do!!! LMFAO its sooo sad because its always SOOOO obvious when they do it!! and all that does is give you the upper hand to play on their emotions! LOL

  2. Feeling this…all the way! I hear you…make your presence known with-out even trying!

    These blogs…keep em’coming!

  3. Face fighting, hmm. that’s a new one I’ll add to the vocab along the likes of ‘eye-fucking’ and ‘fupa’. Usually the older women are more persistent because their ‘clock’ is running faster. She must not have been too hot though.

    I enjoy the subtle text, smile at the opposition: From the Art of War, only engage in battles you’ve already won.

    PS-I’ve started a blog

  4. hmmmmmm…bold bold. i notice post like this is very bold. Love it. But ummmm…i do disagree with “See older women tend to care too much and young girls, well, we just don’t care at all.” because the reason i loooooved me some older women is because they kneeew what time it was, they let alot of sh** rock. I mean but it all depends on the situation ya know…but the ending is def. some nigga shit. look at the text smiling like “damn she smooth for that” lol.

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