i’ve decided.

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Part 7 of 7

You’re caught.

I’ve decided not to care. Not to cry. Not to kill you.
Boyfriends are for the birds. See, I knew all the long that you were a dog– you cheated. I expected to catch you. I just didn’t prepare myself for when I actually did. I never prepared myself for seeing they faces. All of them.

Bum bitches.

It’s almost cynically hilarious. You and them. Me and you. Was it all a joke? Oh please, nigga, don’t tell me you love me. I can barely breathe between my tears and now you want to be sorry. It was a mistake? No, once a is mistake, twice is on purpose. You did it and you liked it. Fuck nigga, you may have loved it.

As I scream through the phone, threatening to come home, I can hear desperation in your voice. And no0o this sideline bitch aint trying to get amped. PAUSE.

Ladies. Don’t you hate when the watergirl tries to address you? Get at who?

I just laugh at her. She doesn’t know me. Doesn’t want to meet me. Believe me! But you? You’re a piece of shit. I can crack a smile when I tell you. Of all the options I had, I chose you. A look at the shit you put me though. Never again, though. Nope, not me. I’ll make wiser decisions in terms of loyalty.

I just want to know was it good? Was it better? Was it longer? Was it wetter?

It had damn well better be. Fucks no you can’t come back. Not EVEN on your knees. PLEASE. Exactly, and me you can’t. So, I’ll do you a favor and not come home. Do me a favor and hang up the phone.

Don’t call me.
Don’t text.
My address… please forget.
Don’t randomly stop by.
Don’t write.
Fuck you my dear John,
This is my long kiss goodnight.


5 thoughts on “i’ve decided.

  1. Loves the ending!!!
    Flash back remember when (we lol) our boyfriends lived around the corner from each otha…some of those nights are funny to think back on lol

  2. lolol…..”was it wetter”……..ay….they all wet once the longy long time is in the building……..i aint kno females ask……….well i lie……they all wanna know about the last..its a competitive world…..

    dont u miss my comments!! H IS BACK!!

  3. here i am reading the post… running down memory lane… ready to post my comment and go all in, and NOW all i can freakin do is laugh at WILLIAM H’S ASS!!! MY MALE BASHING MOMENT HAS COMPLETELY BEEN RUINED…. LMFAO!! LMFAO!!! too SICKENING!!! LOL

    SOOOOOO on that note… i’ll just say Angela Basset, Left Eye (RIP) and Jasmine Sullivan aint got shyt on NAE… OOO lord knows i had my share of a dog…. had to put his ass in the pound!!! let me woo sa for i have a flash back and get to whoopin on asses again… lol

  4. ” I just want to know was it good? Was it better? Was it longer? Was it wetter? ”

    Things I always say when in these types of situations… Sometime not necc. because I want to know, but because its extremely uncomfortable for him to answer.

    Love it!

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