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Part 6 of 6 

Tonight, I felt grown. Yes. I was so sure that my new dress was going to do it for me. I was hoping that he did it for me too. I was also wondering if he was still doing it for his ex-girlfriend. No, tonight it was about me. The way this red silk was hugging my body, I was sure to get what I wanted… and how I wanted it.

We drank. I was drunk. We sat at through the Nutcracker performance and I felt peaceful. Actually, I felt a lot of things– you know? Hahaha. He was feeling me too. I knew this because my hand crept up his leg. His eyes told me that he felt me– was feeling me feeling it.


The Mansion. It was beautiful. It was expensive. We walked in and drew eyes. Young, Black and Educated. Yes, it wasn’t because my eyes were low. As we conversed, I giggled all over myself.

“Hey honey…”, she said and kept walking.
Who was she speaking to? She interrupted my thoughts. I was reliving it…

It… was… amazing.
How I found myself in this beautiful place. In my beautiful dress. Atop this beautiful marble sink in the men’s bathroom. Lifted in the air of the a stall fighting to keep my voice down. It all happened so fast.

I lied. It wasn’t at all that fast.

And… I didn’t fight it at all. The screams, the squirms, the rush. The… the… mass inside of me. The screams, they were quite audible. Ooops! No… Yep!!! Yes, tonight, I was getting exactly what I wanted– just not quite how I’d pictured it. He was whispering to me. I was trapped in my own ecstacy.
I hope he does not tear my dress… it’s new.


—there was no fighting it. I was into it. He was into me.. deeply. In the air, I was on cloud nine. In the air, this fantasy was all mine. I’d definitely have to nickname him: ‘Mine’. Because I’d be selfish after tonight.

I caught my breath. I exited. An elderly white man entered. Oh my God! Well, the look on my face, sweat on my temples, wrinkling of my roots, meant he knew. I couldn’t remember his expression. I was too busy imagining my own: guilty.

He knew.
But it was so fucking good, though.

Tonight, I felt grown. Yes. My new dress did it for me. No, he did it for me. He’d no-longer be doing it for his ex-girlfriend if he was. It was now Mine. The way this red silk was hugging my body, accentuated the extra quip I now had in my hips exiting the bathroom.

“Hey honey…”, she said and kept walking.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I turned to see who’d spoke. I recognized her from the ATL Housewives show. Nene Leakes. What are the odds? The sprinkles beside the cherry on my cake.

“Oh hey… hi…”

She invited us to sit with her and her friend, being some of the only Black people in the Mansion that night. After a few drinks— as if I needed any more— she asked, “So whats going on after here? Where y’all goin?”

“I’m about to take her on home…” He answered before I could.
“Mmmmhmmmm”, Nene said as she smiled and sipped her wine.

MMMMHMMMM. My thoughts exactly.
Yes, tonight was indeed all about me…
and Mine, of course.


8 thoughts on “Sexcapades.

  1. Oh my! lol. I am so tickled by this.. I love it tho, completely. the feeling a new dress can give & what it can do! lmao loves it! but what would have been funny is if someone entered the potty 10 minutes earlier. Imagine the faces!

    & what are the odds of seeing Nene?! she sure does love her wine, doesn’t she?

    can’t wait for thee part 2.. (wisely assuming there is one)


    Absolutely FRESH… you really have the ability to capture your readers and like BAM!beano said impatiently waiting for part two!!

  3. Yessssssssssss!

    Whoa! I loved it, loved it!

    “I’d definitely have to nickname him: ‘Mine’” Thats my new line. LMFAO!

    part 2 soon…

  4. “snap for da kids, snap for da kids, snap for da kids one time…*snap* *snap*”

    Kidos…always appreciate the BLOGS lady! get it gurl! TBC….

  5. ok…enough with the blogs it seems like we need to go have a ladies night while you drink your wine and me my french cuz ummm yea lol…

    But yes…I agree with every1 else
    but i mean you know you got it…what else is knew lol

    The Finest, recieve the Finest of everything!!!

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