Can you keep a secret?

Part 4 of 4

“Get in the car!!”
“Shhh… you’re all upset! …You trying to rush me home baby?”

“No, you’re drunk and getting crazy…”
“Oh what-ever. I’m fine. Just a lil loose…”

Ahhh…The room was closed: selective entry only. In one corner on a platform, pictures were being taken. I ducked in a corner. Damn, how many have I had tonight? I checked my legs to make sure they were still crossed. Damn, this dress is failing me tonight. I took another sip. I couldn’t believe I was still rockin after all of these rounds. Secrets were being exchanged. Secrets were being created. I was living in a secret life.

“Let’s go for a walk…”
“No crazy. Where we going? This is my song.”
“Just come on.”

The ratio was not 1:1. If you did not have your play mapped out before stepping on the court, you were definitely riding the bench—and you damn sure wasn’t cheering on your team. Mixed squads on the floor. My mini squad was winning in their own right.

It was dark in this room that I found myself in. A few things glowed in the dark. What does this look like with the lights on?

“I can– can’t see?” Ouch my fucking toe. “Where are we?”
“Shhh…. I want you…”
“What? You better get out of here… move…”

Want me? Where the fuck are we? He couldn’t see me rolling my eyes in the darkness. He couldn’t see my eyes scanning the room. Lights flickered. Neon lights: green, yellow and orange. The room seemed big. It was warm in there.

“Come here…” I obeyed. He also couldn’t see curiosity in my body language, a sneaky grin on my face… until…

He kissed me.
“I want you… right here.”

I was convinced he was tripping. But the liquor made it rain.

“Mmmm… looks like you want me too.”

He was the devil. I’m convinced. The devil got gifts. I came with a bow that night, in there, where it was warm… and dark. He lifted me on to what could have only been some type of high chair. I held on in disbelief. A few things flickered in the darkness.

“But, wait…”
“No one will know. No one will hear. Shhhh…”
“I… I…w-wait…”

I could barely see his eyes, but I felt him studying my face. I wondered what my face was saying. I was talking. What did I say? Was I making sense? Was this English? I heard him between my breaths. I blinked between the beads of sweat. I could feel him feeling me, into me, examining me. I was exposed in the darkness. I was open. At 10:10. And damn, it felt good.

It was warm.
I was sweating.
I was nervous.

“What if someone comes in…”
“They can’t hear you.”

I was comfortable.
I… I…
I… arrived.

Then he kissed me.

“Oh— my—“
“Shhh… come on… follow me.”

And I did… hoping out of the darkness…
No one would see…
what I’d just let him do to me.



6 thoughts on “Can you keep a secret?

  1. HmmmMmmmMmmMmMM……………….. I can feel the moist of my typin on my sidekick lol. I like, to be continued.

    This what blogging all about, makes us wanna know damn is this true? Makes u wonder that’s what makes it even dope…..

    Girl u gon make me do that shit in the club to somebody in ny wednesday

    “Ay baby, follow daddy”..(serious voice)


  2. Lmao…William is a fooooooolllll but yesssss
    over here like, who,what,when,where,how is this so…lmoa!!!!! but yesss i loves this!!!:)

  3. 1st…I’m diggin’ the page upgrade…2nd this is off the chain! I concur with William H…..TO BE CONTINUED!

    3rd…WTF are you writing a book? LOL…this is the BEST BLOG since sliced bread…yesss! 😀

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