Walking straight in a circle.

Part 3 of 3

You’re calling more often. Conversation is very informal. We still have very little to talk about. Last night, someone we knew bought a Maserati… on someone else’s bank roll. Trickin and aint got it. Ha.

“Your girlfriend is stalking me…”
“She told me someone sent pictures to the house…”
[insert a laugh]

I did threaten to do that. But I’d never do that. He knows that. She’s forcing her life. Maybe she should work for Disney, I thought. Take up painting? Her imagination is clearly wild. There’s space in our conversation. We just don’t do this very well– you know, dance to a never ending song.

We’re on borrowed time, but never in a rush to go anywhere. How is that possible?

“She’s threatened by you…”
“Why? I promise not to take you…”
[insert a laugh]

I mean, I give him back everytime, right? Why change now? How is this though? Floacist says “… because we caught Feelings.” It can’t work because it’d never work but some how we have worked it out and it’s been working. It doesn’t even feel right. It’s wrong. She blows up your phone. You tell me she’s crazy. Y’all have a family and they miss you. I have space and you want me. ::sigh:: How is that? You embrace me after I loosen my walls. Tell me you love me at the end of our calls. How though? How does this work? When will this end?

When did we decide to expose our secret instead of rocking as friends? Destiny’s Child said, “If you leave…” but you won’t. I know it. Does she know it? No. “Your girlfriend is stalking me.” Someone needs to tell her he’s not going to leave. Where you are– with her– is exactly where you want to be. Does someone need to remind me? No. I don’t want him to leave her. I don’t want to be her– especially since he loves me.

So where do we end? I loosen my walls and toss my body beside you– out of breath. Silence. Sweat. Ceiling. Steam— it was hot. Your phone blinks. Where are my panties? I wonder. She’s calling, I know. Care? I don’t. Your hand creeps up my theigh, arm wraps my hips. Your nose now presses my cheek. I bet he’s leaving…

I stop breathing.

“I love you”, he says.
I exhale.

My body chills. Kitten purrs with a wet nose.
Silence. Ceiling— no.


8 thoughts on “Walking straight in a circle.

  1. Hhhmmmm…interesting…

    Its crazy how you love the situation because its like a yoyo..you throw it and it comes back. Crazy part is…if dude or a guy was to let the shortie go..u wouldn’t want him, its only fun when you don’t really have to him…

    Ya deeeeg…which is y
    Irunthroughbabymommas because they gotta go back to baby daddy soon..

    Lmao let me stop..

  2. lmao ^^

    but can i say i love this!? Brings back memories of my time as a home-wrecker. & is the last i love you from he or from she ? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    But the wording is exquisite.. he has a family.. not a home, because home is where the heart is . ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Lmao @ the comment above…
    But soo true not like u be wanting them to leave, then be thinkin would he do it to u

    But yes ::snap:: ::snap:: to that
    A situation like that is like “what did I get myself into?” before u know ya into deep and don’t really want out

  4. love it…..

    its the thrill of the chase…. the thrill of living a life that if exposed may tear down everything you worked for… the excitement of holding the joker card in a spade game, but once you become the HER you no longer hold that card.

  5. YESSSS… definitely true to the comment above! that why it’s so hard to put it on his ass all the time, because then he gets used to it …keep his ass guessing (i.e. once a month or longer) and you will drive him crazy! Knowing ya ass really want the shit all day, everyday.. hold out. I mean sticky situations like this… it’s so hard to call it…. it is what it is basically… it’s not your fault ol boi wants what “baby girl” ain’t given… family or not.. when you put it down oh so well, with no strings attached…they love it! ๐Ÿ˜€

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