Get Familiar.

Part 2 of 2.

Late Night.
I stare at space and find myself lost.
You’re speaking to me.
While speaking to me, declaring you’re not speaking to me.
Is this a conspiracy?
We’re not seeing eye-to-eye.
Missing each other… literally… figuratively.
I don’t know whether to be furious, sad, or baffled.
No… I’m definitely baffled.
But, hey, atleast I know you miss me.

Exhale… smile.
But you’re upset… really upset. You think I’m dissing you. I think you’re dissing me. You know me better than what your mind is telling you to believe now. Diss you— could I, really? If so, wouldn’t I have so many times in the past? Where did we get lost?

I blink rapidly.

The ceiling is there, above me in the dim lights. Where you used to be. I tingle as I remember those nights. I miss you up there, in there, here. Love in this Club remix plays. I’ve had it on repeat for about two days.

Baby you know I’d be down
But we cant have all these people staring standin’ around
This right here is only for your eyes to see
But you getting carried away saying we can do it wherever.

“I Got You”, he says. And now, I’m missing you. You’re missing me. Figuratively and Literally. I tried to sub in an injured reserve. It didn’t work. You’re the only calm I want to make me quiver. And I miss it.

I smile. Atleast, I know you’re missing me, too.
Figuratively, Literally… Sexually?

Yes, definitely.
And now… I grin.



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