Late Afternoon


Why? Because you don’t call like you used to… or when I need you too.

When I don’t answer my phone, you throw a tantrum– especially when I don’t answer it now. Sometimes it’s, “Where were you?” And other times it’s, “I know you’re fuckin with somebody!”

REALLY? Because if I were really fuckin with someone, I wouldn’t be feeling like a cornball for being so upset that YOU didn’t call. It’s been a few days. Don’t you miss me? Don’t you wonder what I’ve been up to? You don’t have anything to talk about— Well, me either really. But don’t you just want to see if I have anything to talk about… just want to hear my voice?

Answer? No, he doesn’t.

Because he didn’t pick up the phone and because I know he’s fucking with someone else. And if not, you’re definitely talking to someone else.

You are but you’ll deny it. And if I am– I will too. It’s the game we play. You started it. I mastered it. Stalemate.

And now, here I am. I’m wishing I had somewhere to be. Someone to be there with.

Still… wishing you would call.

Then my smirk appears. Now, I have an attitude.

Better yet… you don’t have to call.


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5 thoughts on “Late Afternoon

  1. smh i hate cheap ones too!! smfh………..smfh …….smfh!!!
    especially if you eating somewhere nice….

    welp guess i dont have to ask you what happen..thanx for the story lol…..

  2. This was dope. The picture is soo fitting too for some reason. It’s like she’s in deep thought when you look into her eyes, but her slight smirk [through her eyebrows] says that she knows her worth. I can dig it. Yep, I can for sure dig it!

  3. SERIOUSLY… this is my life! Every word fit in my mind as if you were completing the puzzle of my relationship! I’m blown right now! this is HOT! please keep em’ coming!

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